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  Here at Shadbelly Farm we use our years of knowledge, safety and design to offer

 a wide range of antique, reproduction and new carriages, carts and sleighs.

We offer a worldwide network service to help you find the turnout of your dreams.

We can offer the full range of vehicles from Carriage Machine Shop in Bird in Hand Pa.

2 wheeled carts, elegant gigs and many 4 wheelers through large commercial vehicles.

Now offering the new Red Hawk, an American made marathon carriage at reasonable cost.

Carriage Machine is also the sole authorized U.S. builder of the Bellcrown from England,

order here to save shipping and duty...


Break front.jpg   antique carriages 003.jpg   image025.jpg      black carriage 001.jpg

    Southside Break             Long Island Cart              Stanhope                   Marathon



wagonette near frt.JPG               eagle rear close.JPG                    Roberts wagonette 001.jpg                            

 Carriage Machine Shop                       Eagle                                      Roberts Wagonette




SpindleBackGig.jpg                 6 pass wagonette.jpg           eaglet2.jpg              wagonette and EZ entry 007.jpg


  Spindle Back Gig           6 Pass Wagonette         Eaglet 2-wheeler                  EZ Entry


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